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Tips on Donating Effectively After a Natural Disaster


We witness a handful of natural disasters every year that leave thousands of people devastated. Just last year, the US was hit with a couple of the worst hurricanes ever, the people of Bangladesh struggled with their wettest monsoon season and Mexico had an earthquake that shook the nation.


Natural disasters happen and while we may not be able to do anything to prevent them, we can be better prepared before they happen and be more helpful after they happen.


After a natural disaster hits, people from all over the world extend a helping hand and donate whatever they can.


Here’s the thing though, not everything you donate is required.


In fact, since clothes are the easiest items to donate, charities are often left with an excess of donated used clothes.


Want to be supportive during a natural disaster? Here are some tips on donating effectively:


1. Know where the goods are going


Donating effectively requires you to put in some work; don’t assume that all charities as going to be sending donations to those affected by the latest natural disaster. Ask around to find out which institutions are shipping goods to those hit by the disaster. Only donate once the institution confirms.


2. Ask what goods are required

You may think that donating anything will do but people have specific needs when they are hit by a natural disaster. Simply donating bagfuls of clothes without checking to see whether the clothes will be of any help is a bad idea. Call up the charitable institution to see if there are any specific environments. Do your own research by keeping up-to-date with the news.


3. Check the quality of your items

You may have enjoyed the jeans with the dozen rips but they aren’t the best for those who’re facing cold and wet weather.


Check your clothes thoroughly before you donate. Look for tears, loose buttons, dysfunctional zips, etc. Only donate items of decent quality.


At Whitehouse & Shapiro, we ship clothes to mainly Africa, Pakistan, Japan, Chile and Eastern Europe. When a natural disaster strikes these places, we’re ready to do what we can to help!


We work with reliable partners in these foreign markets and make a point to only sell goods that are most needed in those areas.


Have used clothes to donate? Whitehouse & Shapiro are industry leaders in the second-hand clothing business.

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