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Donate/Sell Used Shoes to Whitehouse & Shapiro

Whitehouse & Shapiro are reputable leaders in the second-hand clothing industry. We not only buy and sell used clothing from thrift stores and charitable institutions around the country, but we also trade used shoes.

An estimated 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away in the US every year! As environmentally-conscious members of the second-hand clothing industry, we take it upon ourselves to prevent millions of pairs of used clothing from clogging landfills.

Your old shoes may not be worth anything to you, but there are millions of underprivileged and needy people around the world who can benefit from them. It doesn’t matter how outdated they are or how worn out they look, your old shoes may actually save people’s lives!

Whitehouse & Shapiro purchases shoes of all kinds from thrift stores and other charitable institutions from around the country. After sorting the shoes, we sell them at wholesale prices to importers in developing nations that have a high demand for used shoes.

There is a growing population of people who are looking to purchase low-cost footwear of decent quality to protect their feet.

If you would like to sell wholesale used shoes and clothing, contact Whitehouse & Shapiro today or visit us in our office in Baltimore, Maryland.

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