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Why You Should Donate Your Clothes

Did you just clean out your closet? Have a carton full of old clothes lying around? Here’s why you should donate them.


Reduces Textile Waste

According to a survey, Americans throw away nearly 81 pounds of clothing each year. In fact, a study found that nearly 193, 000 tons of textile waste is generated annually in New York City alone.


This trend of discarding used clothing adds to the growing pile of textile waste. Donating clothes instead of throwing them away reduces this amount considerably, encouraging recycling of fabrics.


Benefits the Environment

You also help save the environment when you donate! Nearly 12.8 million tons  of textile waste makes its way to landfills annually. As the discarded clothing begins to decompose, they release dangerous greenhouse gases. High quantities of methane and carbon dioxide escape the landfills, entering the atmosphere. This contributes to drastic environmental changes, such as increased temperatures and depletion of the ozone layer.


Moreover, manufacturing new clothes uses up a lot of water. In fact, almost 2,700 liters of water are needed to produce a single cotton t-shirt. Donating clothes can diminish the need to produce so much of new clothing each year, saving water reserves in the process.


Helps People in Need

Whether you’re discarding clothes because they no longer fit or aren’t fashionable anymore, it’s better to donate them instead. You may no longer wear your faded denim jeans, but there’s somebody out there who’d love to!


Donated clothes help the underprivileged, refugees, and disaster victims.  This way, you’re engaging in community service with this simple act, helping numerous individuals and those in need.



Improves the Economy

With the trend of recycling used clothes on the rise, the US economy has seen a certain level of stability. In fact, almost 2.5 billion pounds of textile waste is collected for recycling purposes every year. This is then repurposed by thrift stores and various eco-fashion brands.


Even seemingly unusable garments donated by you can be recycled into something beneficial. This process is less costly than manufacturing clothing and various other items from scratch. Moreover, recycling mixed rags and secondhand clothing also opens up several job opportunities and promotes investment into sustainable solutions.


Recycle your old clothes by donating them to Whitehouse & Schapiro, LLC!  We accept used clothing and shoes, which are then repurposed and sold to various thrift stores and organizations.


Donate now to play your part!

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