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Charity Begins At Home: 5 Items You Can Donate Right Now

As credential clothing buyers in Baltimore for generations, our vast experience has taught us that most people want to donate to charity, but they often don’t know what to donate or where to start.
However, donating is surprisingly easy. In fact, we’re willing to bet that at this very moment, there are plenty of items in your house that would make highly useful donations.

Here’s a helpful list:


If you’ve been planning to upgrade your kitchenware with new designs or a fancier set, don’t just throw out your old items when you do.

Kitchenware is a big category that includes pots, pans, ladles, cutlery, Tupperware, cups, mugs, plates, bowls, glasses, and serving trays.

This can be a particularly thoughtful donation for your local food charity or soup kitchen.

Linens and Bedding

Most charities gladly accept donations of linens and bedding.

This includes items such as towels, bedsheets, blankets, and comforters. Before you donate them, however, be sure to wash and dry them thoroughly. You may also have them professionally cleaned.

Linens and bedding are a great donation in winters and during extreme weather events, such as hurricanes and storms, when homeless shelters are packed to capacity.

Old Clothes

You can donate clothes all year long.

When you donate clothes to charity, remember that you can also benefit by buying secondhand clothes online.

Constantly buying and throwing out new clothes is really bad for our planet. You can play your part by staying away from fast fashion, not following rapidly changing trends, and choosing stylish secondhand clothes that are always more affordable than new clothes.

Old Shoes

Even if no amount of cleaning or polishing is making your old shoes look appealing to you, there’s no need to toss them in the trash.

Instead, consider donating your used shoes, so that they can go on to help people searching for secondhand shoes online.

There are plenty of places that accept used clothes donation and also offer secondhand shoes for sale in Baltimore, so you can look up the best place to donate clothes near you and drop off your items when convenient.


When we say furniture, we don’t mean larger pieces that can be impractical to move from one place to another.

Instead, think about smaller items that you’ve wanted to replace. For instance, dining chairs, barstools, coffee tables, and writing desks can make excellent donations.

Many charities offer pick-up services, so you can avail them for giving away your old furniture.

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Whether you’re looking for credential clothing wholesalers and secondhand clothes suppliers, or you’re searching for secondhand shoes for sale, get in touch with us today.

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