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Leading the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association

William Schapiro, President of Whitehouse & Schapiro, LLC, served on the SMART board for nearly a decade and as the SMART president from 2005 – 2007. During that leadership he was responsible for great expansion of membership and advancement of industry initiatives.  Here are some highlighted articles from his time of leadership.


SMART Meets with U.S.Commerce Department June 2011

A Thank You to the Unsung Leadership and Board of SMART February 2011

Government Relations for the Little Guy January 2010

Ask Not What SMART Can Do For You SMARTtalk Feb 2009

Predictions and Forecasts SMARTtalk March 2009

Setting the Record Straight SMARTtalk April 2009

Defining Who We Are SMARTtalk May 2009

Introduction to Reclaimed Resources SMARTtalk July 2009

Statistics are SMART SMARTtalk Aug 2009

Government Relations and SMART SMARTtalk Sept 2009

SMART Sharing Ideas SMARTtalk Oct 2009

SMART ISO Standards The Wold Aligns SMARTtalk Nov 2009

The Little Guys SMARTtalk December 2009

SMART and the Media January 2008

“It’s More Than A Living” February 2008

“IT JUST TAKES ONE” March 2008

BOXED IN April 2008

Non-Competes, Etc. May 2008

Consult Your Nearest Tax Adviser June 2008

SMART: Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself July 2008

One Container of Towels, 500 Jobs November 2008

ABC News is Calling January 2007

More Results From The Laboratory April 2007

The Council on Textile Recycling May 2007


“Breath Mint Or Candy Mint” September 2007

“Time for Houston to Unite” October 2007

“The SMART Regional: A Brief History” November 2007

One Year Later December 2007

President’s Column November 2006

“How I Almost Lost Close to $600,000 in One Day” or “How Did This Man Ever Get a Law Degree? October 2006

“If You Want Me, Please Marry Me” September 2006

Travails of the Little Guys July 2006

Life Without SMART: Something to Consider May 2006

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